Since 1994, Vista Communities, Inc. has been a pioneer in collaborating with Southern California cities to develop affordable multifamily rental housing units.  When other housing developers were unwilling to gamble on multifamily properties in tough neighborhoods, we rescued troubled projects.  These projects now provide safe, decent housing for area residents, help to satisfy cities’ needs for affordable housing, while offering investors good returns and lenders secured loans.

Our primary business is to acquire, renovate, and operate apartment communities that serve low-to-moderate income families.  Affordable housing traditionally has had a negative image characterized by fears of increased crime, reduced neighborhood property values, and stress on public services.  With the high median household incomes in Southern California, qualified residents include firefighters, police, government employees, teachers, retail clerks, and others earning less than 80% of area median income (AMI).  Vista Communities renovates and repositions selected properties to offer safe, secure housing for families and individuals, complemented by well-maintained common facilities and amenities.  We target properties that offer convenient access to shopping, transportation, and employment centers. 

Vista Communities has established a reputation as an experienced affordable housing developer with superior “deal sense” and a solid investment record.  However, the slow stock market and low interest rates have steered investors (many inexperienced) toward the type of real estate for which Vista Communities has traditionally had no competition.  This has often resulted in retail-plus pricing and unsustainably low margins. 

To stay competitive, we are in the process of adjusting our portfolio to include other product types, while still actively working with cities to create niche affordable housing opportunities.  Whether commercial, residential or land projects, each must stand the test that Vista Communities has always applied: it must maintain our investment objectives, we must be able to add value to the property, it must be a project we can see through to the end, and it must be in harmony with community priorities.

At Vista Communities, we look forward to this next phase of our business with enthusiasm, ready to put our energy to work in new and creative ways.